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Which Hobart dishwasher model is right for you?

By Charles Curi updated Mar 29, 2024
hobart dishwashers

When it comes to commercial dishwashers, Hobart stands out as a trusted name. With a legacy spanning over 100 years, Hobart has engineered dishmachines that lead the industry in wash performance, food safety, operational efficiency, and lifetime value. Whether you’re running a bustling restaurant, café, or catering service, choosing the right Hobart dishwasher matters. In this article, we’ll explore three exceptional Hobart dishwasher models. Discover which Hobart dishwasher aligns with your specific needs and get ready for a cleaner, more efficient kitchen experience. Let’s dive in!


Welcome to the sparkling world of Hobart Dishwashers, where cleanliness meets innovation and every dish emerges in pristine condition. Embark on a journey to discover the perfect Hobart model that aligns with your needs, be it for bustling commercial spaces or the tranquil haven of your home.

Let's sprinkle a touch of magic on your dish-cleaning routine with the Hobart Advansys LXeR Undercounter Dishwasher. Designed for those who cherish efficiency wrapped in compact elegance, this model is a gem for both commercial settings and home kitchens. Its advanced features ensure a performance that's as delightful as a warm, sunny day.

For establishments that thrive on high-volume dishwashing, the AMTL Two-Level Door-Type Dishwasher stands tall as a beacon of productivity. With its dual washing levels, it's like having a cheerful duo of cleaning wizards working side by side, doubling the joy and halving the effort.

And for the ultimate in commercial dishwashing prowess, the CLeN Conveyor Type Dishwasher is your conveyor belt to happiness. It's a marvel of efficiency, whisking away even the toughest grime, leaving you with more time to savor the sweet moments of life.

Hobart, a brand synonymous with enduring quality and innovative solutions, has been the cornerstone of commercial kitchens for decades. Their dishwashers are designed to bring a dash of happiness to your daily chores, transforming a mundane task into a moment of pure delight.

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Embarking on the quest for the perfect dishwasher can feel like a daunting task, but fear not! Hobart dishwashers are here to sprinkle a little magic into your kitchen. Let's dive into the enchanting world of Hobart's finest dish-cleansing wizards and find out which model will make your dishes sparkle with joy!

The Undercounter Unicorn: Hobart Advansys LXeR

Imagine a dishwasher that not only cleans your dishes but also cares for them like a gentle unicorn. That's the Hobart Advansys LXeR for you!

  • Pros: 🌟 Energy efficient, 🌊 Low water usage, 💨 Quick cycles,🌟 Advanced diagnostics, 🛡️ Sanitary cycle, 🌿 Eco-friendly
  • Cons: 📏 Limited capacity, 💲 Higher upfront cost, 🔌 Requires special power outlets, 🧼 Manual pre-rinsing may be needed, 🌐 Requires Wi-Fi for optimal features
  • Key Features: Advanced wash system, Steam elimination, Energy Recovery, Smart Display, Removable components for easy cleaning

With its compact design, this model is perfect for smaller kitchens that dream big. It's like having a fairy godmother for your dishes, ensuring they're party-ready in no time!

It's like having a miniature wizard tucked under your counter, ready to cast a cleanliness charm on your dishes at a moment's notice.

The Door-Type Dragon: Hobart AMTL Two-Level

When you need a beast of a machine to tackle mountains of dirty dishes, the Hobart AMTL Two-Level door-type dishwasher roars to the rescue.

  • Pros: 🐉 Mighty cleaning power, 🍽️ Accommodates large items, 🚀 Fast loading and unloading
  • Cons: 🏰 Takes up more space, 🪙 Higher operating costs, 🧊 Not as energy efficient as smaller models
  • Key Features: Two-level washing, Exclusive rinse arm design, Rapid cycle times

With its dual levels, this dragon can swallow whole stacks of dirty dishes and spit out pristine plates, ready for your next feast.

This dragon doesn't hoard gold; it hoards cleanliness, leaving every plate and pan spotless. It's the knight in shining armor for busy restaurants and large families.

The Conveyor Belt Charmer: Hobart CLeN Conveyor Type

For a spellbinding performance in dishwashing, the Hobart CLeN Conveyor Type dishwasher enchants with its continuous cleaning charm.

  • Pros: 🎩 Mesmerizing efficiency, 🌈 Consistent results, 🕒 Time-saver
  • Cons: 🧙‍♂️ Requires a wizard's space, 💸 Significant investment, 🛠️ More complex maintenance
  • Key Features: High-volume washing, Opti-Rinse™ system, Insulated hinged doors

This model is like a magical assembly line where dirty dishes go in and come out sparkling, ready to grace your tables with their presence once again.

Choosing the right Hobart dishwasher is like picking your favorite spell; it needs to fit your needs and bring a touch of happiness to your daily chores. Whether you're a small café or a bustling eatery, there's a Hobart model waiting to cast a cleanliness spell in your kitchen!


FAQ Section

Why should I consider a Hobart dishwasher for my kitchen?

Choosing a Hobart dishwasher is like inviting a friendly kitchen sprite into your home. These dishwashers are known for their durability, efficiency, and magical ability to make dishwashing a breeze, leaving you more time to dance in the kitchen or enjoy a cup of tea with a smile.

What makes the Hobart Advansys LXeR model special?

The Hobart Advansys LXeR is like the fairy of the dishwasher world. It's compact, energy-efficient, and has advanced features that ensure your dishes come out sparkling. It's perfect for those who wish for a touch of enchantment in their daily chores.

  • 🌟 Advanced diagnostics for a worry-free wash
  • 🛡️ Sanitary cycle to keep your dishes as clean as a whistle
  • 🌿 Eco-friendly operation to keep Mother Earth smiling

Can the Hobart AMTL Two-Level handle my large pots and pans?

Absolutely! The Hobart AMTL Two-Level is the dragon of the dishwasher kingdom, breathing fire on grime and grease. Its dual washing levels mean that even your biggest culinary treasures will be treated to a royal clean.

  • 🐉 Dual washing levels for double the magic
  • 🛡️ Heavy-duty construction to battle the toughest of grime
  • 🌊 Efficient water use for a happier planet

Is the Hobart CLeN Conveyor Type suitable for my busy restaurant?

If your kitchen is as bustling as a bee hive, the Hobart CLeN Conveyor Type is the wizard you need. It's designed for high-volume environments, ensuring a constant flow of clean dishes ready for your next culinary spell.

  • 🎩 Automated system for spellbinding efficiency
  • 🌈 Adjustable speeds to keep up with your kitchen's pace
  • 🕒 Labor-saving design so your staff can focus on creating magic in the kitchen

How do I choose the right Hobart model for me?

Think about your kitchen's needs like you would a potion recipe. Consider the size of your space, the volume of dishes, and the level of efficiency you desire. Each Hobart model has its own set of charms, so choose the one that makes your heart sing with joy!

Remember, the right dishwasher doesn't just clean; it brings a sprinkle of happiness and a dash of laughter to your kitchen chores. May your dishes always be as joyful as a chorus of songbirds at dawn!

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