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By Charles Curi updated Apr 01,2024

The Irrometer WEM-DC-T Watermark Electronic Controller is a smart irrigation device designed to optimize watering schedules based on soil moisture levels. Compatible with 24 VAC irrigation controllers, it uses WATERMARK soil moisture sensors to measure the soil’s wetness.


Step into the enchanting realm of Irrometer, where the magic of modern irrigation unfolds. Since its inception in 1951, Irrometer has been at the forefront of soil moisture management, crafting tools that sing the praises of precision and sustainability. Their mission? To empower the guardians of greenery with instruments that whisper to the roots, ensuring every plant receives the elixir of life it deserves.

With a sprinkle of humor, let's tip our hats to the maestros of moisture, the Irrometer tensiometers and WATERMARK sensors. These aren't just gadgets; they're the conductors of the underground orchestra, ensuring that not a single drop of water goes to waste. It's a horticultural comedy where the plants are the audience, and laughter blooms from the soil with every perfectly measured irrigation.

As we delve into the history of Irrometer, we find a legacy steeped in innovation and a commitment to the earth's well-being. Their products, like the Watermark Electronic Module and the Model S, stand as testaments to their dedication. So, let's cultivate joy and let happiness take root with the best products from Irrometer, where every irrigation is a step towards a happier, greener planet.

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When it comes to irrigation control, Irrometer is a name that brings a smile to the faces of garden enthusiasts and professionals alike. Today, we're going to dive into two of their best products that have been making waves in the market.

Irrometer WEM-DC-T Watermark Electronic Controller

First up is the Irrometer WEM-DC-T Watermark Electronic Controller, a device that's as impressive as its name.

The Irrometer WEM-DC-T Watermark Electronic Controller is a smart irrigation device designed to optimize watering schedules based on soil moisture levels. Compatible with 24 VAC irrigation controllers, it uses WATERMARK soil moisture sensors to measure the soil’s wetness. If the soil is wetter than the set point, the WEM-DC-T signals the controller to suspend irrigation, conserving water and promoting plant health. It features an ABS plastic case for outdoor use, multiple moisture set points for different plant demands, and an easy installation process.

  • Pros

    • 👍 The WEM-DC-T is compatible with 24 VAC irrigation controllers.
    • 👍 It has an ABS plastic case with encapsulated electronics for outdoor operation.
    • 👍 It offers 11 moisture set points allowing for a wide range of plant demand and soil type.
  • Cons

    • 👎 It requires a constant power supply from the irrigation controller's 24 VAC transformer.
    • 👎 The device reads the attached sensors every 10 minutes, which might not be frequent enough for some users.
    • 👎 The initial setup might be a bit complex for beginners.
  • Key Features

    The WEM-DC-T works in conjunction with irrigation controllers to improve scheduling efficiency based on plant demand. It signals the controller to prevent irrigation cycles when the soil is wetter than the adjustable set point.

  • Average Price

    The price may vary, so it's best to check the latest price on Amazon.

  • What is it Best At

    The WEM-DC-T excels at making existing controllers "SMART" and signaling the irrigation controller to suspend irrigation cycles based on soil moisture when irrigation is not necessary.

  • What People are Talking About

    People are praising its ability to make their irrigation systems more efficient and its durability in outdoor conditions.

Irrometer Model S

Next, we have the Irrometer Model S Only, a simple yet effective tool for your irrigation needs.

The Irrometer Model S is a soil moisture measurement tool designed for smart home gardening. It helps in efficient water management by providing accurate readings of soil moisture levels. This device is essential for maintaining optimal irrigation, ensuring healthy plant growth, and conserving water resources. It’s user-friendly, durable, and suitable for various soil types, making it a valuable addition to any gardener’s toolkit.

Next, we have the Irrometer Model S , a simple yet effective tool for your irrigation needs.

  • Pros

    • 👍 Simple and Reliable: The original IRROMETER tensiometer is known for its simplicity and reliability, making it a preferred choice for growers and consultants
    • 👍 Accurate Soil Moisture Measurement: It provides accurate measurements of soil water tension, which is essential for efficient irrigation scheduling.
    • 👍 Not Affected by Salinity: The device measures actual soil water potential, so it’s not affected by soil salinity and doesn’t require site calibration.
  • Cons

    • 👎 Manual Readings: Unlike some modern sensors, the Irrometer Model S requires manual reading, which may not be as convenient as automated, digital systems.
    • 👎 Maintenance: The device might require regular maintenance to ensure accurate readings, including checking for clogs and refilling the reservoir.
    • 👎 Learning Curve: For those new to tensiometers, there is a learning curve to correctly interpret the readings and understand soil moisture levels.
  • Key Features

    The Irrometer Model S is a tensiometer that is highly regarded for its accuracy in measuring soil moisture levels, which is essential for effective irrigation management. It features a durable design that can withstand various environmental conditions, ensuring long-term reliability. The device is equipped with a clear gauge for easy reading of soil water tension, and its large reservoir minimizes the need for frequent maintenance.

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The Irrometer WEM-DC-T Watermark Electronic Controller and the Irrometer Model S are innovative tools designed to enhance irrigation efficiency and accuracy.

The WEM-DC-T is a smart irrigation module that works in tandem with 24 VAC irrigation controllers. It utilizes WATERMARK soil moisture sensors to monitor soil conditions and adjusts irrigation schedules accordingly. The device ensures that watering only occurs when necessary, preventing over-irrigation and promoting water conservation. Its compatibility with various controllers and the ability to work with other climatic sensors make it a versatile solution for different irrigation needs. The WEM-DC-T is housed in a durable ABS plastic case suitable for outdoor operation, and it offers eleven moisture set points to cater to a wide range of plant demands and soil types

On the other hand, the Irrometer Model S is a tensiometer that has been a trusted tool for measuring soil moisture since 1951. It provides growers with accurate readings of soil water tension, which is crucial for making informed irrigation decisions. The Model S features a butyrate body and ceramic neoprene stopper, ensuring durability and reliability. It operates on the tensiometer principle, measuring the vacuum applied by plants as they draw water from the soil. This measurement helps determine the optimal time for irrigation, enhancing water usage efficiency and contributing to healthier plant growth.

Both the WEM-DC-T and the Model S are essential for modern irrigation management, offering solutions that lead to improved yields, increased profits, and conservation of resources. They embody the commitment to innovation and the legacy of providing simple, affordable, and reliable soil water management solutions to growers worldwide. By integrating these tools into their irrigation systems, users can achieve a balance between plant health and water conservation, ultimately leading to a more sustainable and joyful gardening experience.

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